Album covers! Enhancing your album of cherished memories.

An entire blog post on album cover options! There are that many to choose from! The high quality lay flat album requires the perfect cover. Here is some info that can assist you in selecting the right cover for you.  I have included the basic care info, as this can be a deciding factor. I have too frequently purchased clothes, only to realize later they are high maintenance dry clean only!!

The lowest maintenance nature-friendly faux leathers are perfect for families. They are PVC free, while having an incredible, soft supple texture. They can be spot cleaned easily with soap and water.


The faux ostrich leathers have an incredible texture! They offer the same eco-friendly composition, while being easy to clean.


Introducing the faux suede! These fabrics are again nature friendly, yet durable. These can also be spot cleaned easily with soap and water.



The covers also come in traditional book cloths. They also come in some not-so- traditional colours and textures. My 5 year old daughter likes the bright and bold “stiletto”, although I thought she would prefer the glittery “sunset strip”! These fabrics are paper backed for application, and should be spot treated with a dry cleaner product. The album company,  Finao, recommends “Absorene Book and Paper Cleaner”


The heavy duty bold fabrics are beautiful and very durable! If spills occur, blot immediately to remove excess fluid It can be cleaned with a misting of soap solution. The fabric should be very gently rubbed, to not damage.

Last but not least, the silks. The first samples are a nature-friendly man made silk, which can be easily spot washed with soap and water.



For the Non- vegans, the natural silks! They have a delicate, soft texture. These fine bo ok fabrics are also adhered with paper backing and should be delicately cleaned with a dry cleaner such as Absorene book and paper cleaner.






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