Summer Evening walk in Tynehead Park, Surrey BC

It is summer!! My family is enjoying quality time off together in the sun! I took a couple pics of my girls on an evening walk though Tynehead Regional Park in Surrey BC. I just love the shot of her walking with purpose and a dirty behind, so cute!!

My oldest is especially excited for a summer break from school (just finished K, going into grade one). To keep her engaged with writing and creating, I decided to create a special space for her in the family room.  She had fun going to the store and picking out new crayons, pencil crayons etc.. (old crayons eaten by little sister who now promises to not chomp on the new ones!) She excitedly placed all her workstation supplies in mason jars and arranged with some books. The idea came from the “playful Learning” website. (Found on Pintrest. Love this website, it is incredible!) I also added an alphabet chart and some amazing printable writing books from “Teachers pay Teachers”   You do not have to be a teacher to sign up. It has amazing resources, some free, some for a small fee.

If any moms out there have suggestions on fun summer learing please feel free to share!


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