Tips for great back to school photos of your kids

Today is the long awaited first day of school for the BC public school students! I love having my kids home, but by the end of a long summer, they need some time to themselves! With only one hour of classes, you have time to take some back to school photos! Here are some different options for you to try!

Painting backdrop! I made one backdrop from old pictures/ paintings and crafts.  (the further away your child stands from the wall, the more blurry the background will be. I included a wide shot to show how I use a big white board reflector for fill light)


Go play out side.! I love photos in Nature with the beautiful grasses for extra texture. I added a chalkboard insert to one of my custom handcrafted photo frames to write the school date. We also brought some books without covers to have vintage feel.

My oldest, is so great with her sister, she was styling,  fixing her hair, and brought her flowers!


Hand drawn back drop! I am lucky to have large rolls of seamless backdrop paper. I borrowed the kids chalk and drew out this scene. You can duct tape poster paper together to make a large backdrop and draw on it. Not my usual style, but another fun option. I like the Black and white, it reminds me of the background in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty!


Art Easel Info photo. This one is nice and easy, I wrote a couple things we would like to remember in the future. It is fun and easy, most people have these at home already!

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