Create your own gallery wall

Gallery walls are very popular. They create a beautiful focal point to your room. Pintrest is a great place to find inspiration to create one in your home! (Click Here to see my gallery wall board on Pintrest) While gallery walls with the same size shape and colour are very beautiful, I wanted to mix it up a bit! The thought of even starting this project can be a bit overwhelming at first, it  easy. I already had quite a few mixed frames. My favourite is the antique frame found in an antique store in Grand Forks, BC. I had my family photo custom printed on canvas to fit this beauty!

Start by laying out your frames on the floor to your desired shape, I chose rectangular. Get creative like I have, using all different sizes and shaped frames within your desired area! It took some reorganizing and a few extra trips to HomeSense to get it right! Once all frames are in your desired placement, cut paper templates of each frame. (kids craft paper is great, may want to avoid news paper, unless you want to clean your walls!!) Paper is great as you can press around the hanging hardware, leaving an imprint on your paper so you know exactly where to place the nail. I then replicated the layout on the wall taping up each paper frame. Simply place a nail in the correct spot for each frame, gently remove the paper templates and hang frames! Good luck with your gallery wall!


This is my favourite frame! Found at an antique store in Grand Forks, BC. My family photo is printed on archival quality canvas.


Isn’t the deatil spectacular! Love the old patina on the paint, gives it great character!

 Photo of the paper templates in place




Here is a list of where I found the frames:

1: Antique store Grand Forks, BC

2: Ikea

3: Zin Frames.  My handcrafted custom frame supplier

4: Home Sense Pack of 2 frames with images

5: My antique store find with canvas photo.

6: Antique store in Grand Forks, BC

7: Home Sense. Frames were sold individually

8: Urban Barn

9: Ikea

10: Michaels the arts and crafts store, Clearance section





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