Best Time to have your maternity Photographed

Pregnancy is such a miraculous  and exciting time in ones life that many want to capture with photography. The best time to capture your adorable belly  is around 28-32 weeks of pregnancy.  The baby bump is getting nice and round, but you are not yet at the incredibly uncomfortable stage. For expectant moms carrying twins, earlier is best as you may grow more quickly than with a single pregnancy. I would suggest contacting a photographer early in your pregnancy. Most professional photographers have a consultation to get to know you and what you are looking for in your maternity photographs.  This is a great opportunity for the photographer to help you gauge the best timing for your session based on your growth and any possible health concerns. Closer to the end of pregnancy after 34 weeks mots of moms can start retaining more water and get very uncomfortable!! Those babies love digging feet up under moms ribs, this uncomfort will show in the photos. This beautiful mommy had her session at 32 weeks.



Another thing to consider in your maternity session are some family photographs. This baby will be coming into a family, so however your family is composed, include them!



In this shoot I brought a little treat for the toddler to have while sitting beside me. I was then able to get some great shots of mom and dad. It is the love for each other that created this baby and family, lets capture it!! How special for the children to have loving photographs of their parents to look back upon when older. If you have questions about maternity photography, contact me, and I would be happy to give you more information!





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