Improve your photography skills, join my 62 day photography challenge

I started taking photography courses when my oldest daughter was 3 months old. I wanted to be able to document her life with beautiful photographs. My oldest daughter is now 6.5 and my youngest is turning 4! Life is so hectic that I don’t capture the precious moments of our life as much as I once thought I would. I mostly save photographing my kids for vacation time or blog posts! Many photo challenges have piqued my interest, but I don’t necessarily want to photograph a certain theme a day. These are great to force you out of your comfort and grow, but I want to simply capture what inspires me! In attempt to change my ways, and grow photographically, I am creating a 62 day summer photography challenge! One photo every day of July and August AND posting on Instagram. (Actually posting will be a big stretch for me, as my poor Instagram account has a mere 13 photos posted! Yes, I need to pay more attention to my neglected social media outlets) Challenges are a fabulous way to hone  your skills, and experiment. I am using this time to practice lighting!  Great light can transform an ok image into stunning. I am also going to capture more of the everyday moments of my children that inspired me to improve my photography and start my business.

Are you looking to challange your self and improve your photography? Join this challenge with me! Simply hashtag #jdancephotochallenge and write your name in the comments. I would love to see what inspires you! Also, you can call me out if I miss a day 😉


Wondering about the Holga camera my daughter is using?? It is a plastic “toy” camera that uses medium format film! As it is a plastic lens, it creates a strong vignette and unique feel to images.  The cameras are inexpensive $20-$40, but you do have the added cost of film and developing medium format prints. Here is one of my prints taken with a Holga. They are very fun to play with!!


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