Tips on what to look for in a Newborn Photographer

Deciding on a newborn photographer can be difficult. There are many great ones, with different styles. You are best to start looking while you are still pregnant. This gives you an opportunity to have Maternity photographs as well, meeting and getting comfortable with your photographer ahead of time. Newborns are best photographed within the first 10 days of birth. The newborns are accustomed to being curled up in the womb, therefore curl nicely into the adorable poses. Also, they are growing so quickly, they are usually very sleepy and are easier to get to sleep. Newborns can get baby acne, however it usually appears after the first 2 weeks of life. This adorable smiley guy was 6 days old. 

Ensure you ask the potential photographer about newborn safety. Hanging poses like the one below should be done by composite. Hands on baby, or baby just slightly touching the beanbag chair. (The baby is not actually suspended in the air, simply edited to look like it is)

Details! Baby’s have the most adorable dimpled little hands and feet,  be sure to capture all these little details before they grow. These type of photos also look great in photo albums.

Newborn photography is capturing a milestone in you and your baby’s life. Consider how you want to cherish these memories over the years. Ask your photographer about album, arcylic, canvas or fine art print options. If you would like a large prominent wall display, creative additions such as the hand painted backdrop or watercolour paint effect below add interest to a large print. Lots of people may tell you to get a CD or USB of the digital files. It is best to ask yourself what you will do with these files. If it is just to be able to share photos on social media, many photographers have options for this. You are paying a professional photographer to take beautiful artwork of your precious new child, I suggest having the photographer print the photos professionally as well. Photographers passionate about delivering high quality images have calibrated monitors, submitted test prints and know exactly how the photo’s colour contrast will turn out. Professional labs also have archival quality products with all albums, prints canvases lasting usually a minimum of 80 years.Print labs that do not cater to professionals will have vastly varying degrees of quality. Before I was professional, I had one of my prints printed at a reputable local lab. The contrast of the photos were so off, you could not tell the difference between my skin and dress in a black and white image!!! Yes, it was that bad!  I am now an absolute stickler about quality for my clients, searching for the best quality and price.  Prints last a lifetime, while digital formats change, degrade and fail quite regularly. I have a photograph that I recently restored of my mother when she was around 3 years old riding a horse with  my grandmother who is no longer with us. This is so precious to me and my children, especially since my youngest is around the age my mother was in the photo. This is what I want for my clients, for them to hand down incredible photos over generations!

I wish you luck in finding a photographer that suits your style and that you are comfortable with! And most of all enjoy this precious time with  your new little one. It is cliche, but they really do grow so fast. I can’t believe how time flies with kids!!


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