Playful children’s Portraits at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver BC

I love being out in nature, it is so tranquil. This last week was fairly stressful as we packed up photographs and some special furniture from my in-laws summer home in Christina Lake. The US Stickpin fire was continuing North, and strong winds were predicted to bring embers our way. The southern Areas of Grand Forks and Christina Lake were under evacuation alert. It is a summer home, but we put years of our hearts into building it with my in-laws. It is my family’s favourite place. We all had pits in our stomach of the unknown and uneasiness over the possibility of having it lost…

As a fun family evening, I dragged my family out to Lighthouse park in West Vancouver BC for a picnic dinner and photos. It was such a wonderful distraction! There are many incredible trails to hike, and all easy enough for little kids! A camera in hand, and being in the salty ocean fresh air carried away all worries. I was completely lost in the beauty and wonder of being amongst the old growth Douglas Firs and Cedars.


The kids played on the rocks exploring for hours as I took some candid and some back to school photos of them!


Yes we did have a wardrobe change to include the new back to school dresses! You may have noticed I have quite the girly girls, but am so glad they love the outdoors as much as my husband and I do! The hiking in dresses adds and extras cuteness to the photos! (They dressed themselves, and were excited to change into dressy shoes for some photos.) I would highly recommend a family trip to Lighthouse Park for a fun exploration or family Photos or both, the scenery is amazing!




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