3 reasons to have your professional photographer print your photos.


Photographs are amazing in that one image of a person or place can create a wave of memories and emotions. I am not with the times in thinking digital files are all you need. I am very tactile, I  prefer the unique ink and paper smell and soft texture of a book than a cold metal device to read on. This is similar with photographs. I do not enjoy snuggling up with my kids around the computer to look at photos. I would rather be comfy on the couch with a nice album.  When hiring a professional photographer Please ask yourself what you want from those photos. If it is to capture this unique stage of your life, consider how is the best way to preserve it? You are paying a  professional good money to take incredible photos of your loved ones that you can not take yourself. Turning around and printing those amazing photos at local box stores will most likely not give you the results you desire or deserve. Poor print quality can turn an incredible photo into something mediocre at best. Here are 3 great reasons to have your professional photographer give you a complete service and provide you with prints.

1. Quality.

Professional photographers use professional printing companies. Professional printers require test prints to be submitted to ensure the photographers monitor is calibrated and will know how the image will turn out printed. This produces beautiful colour tones, rich colours and accurate contrast. Monitors vary widely, the brightness and colours can change over time. A single photo can look drastically different viewed on your phone, than your home computer or tablet.  DIY printing or printing at a box store will not yield the same results. I had some wedding pictures printed at a “reputable” lab and the colour and contrast were so off, you could not tell the difference between my skin and my dress, and no I was not that pale. When that same photo was placed alongside the professional print, you would assume at first it was a completely different picture.

3. Lifespan.

Professional printed photographs have an archival life of around 100 years daily display and if in cold dry storage 200 years! Gallery wrapped canvas will last 80-100 years, and albums also around 100 years. You are not only paying for impeccable quality, but these are truly heirloom products to pass along for generations! One of my favourite photos is my grandmother and my mother horseback riding when my mother was around 3 or 4 ( No digital file has that life span). It is so special for my daughter to see photos of her grandmother around the same age. My mom also found my grandparents professional wedding photo from 71 years ago. This is what photography is all about, capturing memories. Looking at that photo brought about talking about my grandmother and her wonderful sweet giggle. Brought tears to my eyes.

Horseback riding in winter

Compare to digital storage media:

Hard drives have a very short life of 3-5 years and I can attest to this. Yes, they do fail. I was silly to think that 2 backups of all photos was sufficient (3 is suggested) I only had 2 hard drives fail within a week of each other. You may be able to have a computer store restore them, but it can come with a price. (Thank you to NCIX for fixing mine)

CD’s with data written on it is approximately 2-5 years, with manufacturers claiming it can last up to 10-25 years. And his also depends on environmental factors. Get a few nice big scratches and it is toast! Anyone who has had their kids favourite DVD scratched knows how incredibly annoying it is when it pauses and skips at the favourite part.

Flash drives 5-10 years depending on how many times the device has been re-written. Your flash drive from a professional photographer will only be written once and should last on the longer side.


3. Ease.

Life with children is so hectic!  One meeting with your professional photographer, and he or she can help you choose the size, and mounting options such as canvas or metal. Your photographer takes care of the rest! Many have good intentions of getting images printed, but it does not come to fruition! I know of many people who haven’t printed wedding images 9 years later (yes I am included in that group! Thank goodness my photographer gave us a professionally printed proof book.)

Printed photographs around your home let you enjoy the photos on a regular basis, instead of every now and then, on the computer. I have a large gallery wall of family photos in my entrance. Everyone including friends linger over the photos, seeing how much the kids have grown over the years. What better way to start and end your day than being greeted with the smiling happy faces of your loved ones!

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The top photo on this page show how quickly little ones grow. My girls 3 years ago on the left and this year on the right. Both taken at my favourite place, Christina Lake BC


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