The best location for family photography in Vancouver

Jericho Beach is one of the best locations in Vancouver for family photography. It has great options for diverse backgrounds without travelling far.  We had great enough weather for shorts and dresses. Early mornings and evenings are best for magical light. We chose a great evening mid September. We started an hour and 15 min before sunset. We started with the duck pond location. The light was still high enough to shine over the trees giving a painterly effect over the water.  The kids has so much fun watching the ducks splash around.

Then we strolled over to the beach for more fun. While the kids were playing catch with seagulls ,we were able to get a few photos of mom and dad. It is so important to get a photograph of mom and dad as this love is the foundation of the entire family. And yes, the seagulls were playing catch! The kids had so much fun playing on the beach, it was a great opportunity to get candid photographs of the children. 





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