How to get the most of your maternity photoshoot.

Pregnancy is an incredible time in your life, a Maternity photoshoot is a fantastic way to capture this. Here are a few things to consider to make your dream maternity photography shoot extra special.

1 Location. If you have a location that is very special, lets incorporate. This couple shared many special memories on the pier at White Rock beach, so it was a must have location. It was very fitting that for all previous occasions, it was pouring rain and this day was no exception! They did a terrific job of huddling under the umbrella while I set up, then tossing the umbrella out of the frame as I took the photo. While the rain was not ideal, it gave some nice reflections and added to the memories.

2. Special clothing. Maybe you have an heirloom dress passed down generations, or your wedding veil, anything of importance. Escaping the rain back to this couples home for indoor photos, we creatively used part of her wedding Sari. First the belly shots then wrapped the sari around her for some beautiful backlight portraits of the stunning mom-to-be. 


3 Props and accessories can add interest to your photographs. This mom brought the flower crown. The flowers are removable, she added the flowers to a belt over her sweater to add cute definition to her belly bump.  The tulle skirt is in my wardrobe collection for photoshoots.  The skirt played up the romantic maternity photos.

4. An adventurous spirt goes a long way! This mom-to-be saw milk bath photos on Pinterest and mentioned it during our consultation. I was so excited to try! This talented mommy to-be made  the lace wrap for the bath photos. She has inspired me to make a few to keep on hand for future maternity shoots. We both love how they turned out. (Mom to be is wearing bottoms, they are edited out of the photograph and/or covered with the opaque milky water.)


Above all the consultation with your professional photographer is a great time to share ideas, and collaborate to make your custom maternity photoshoot memorable.

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